Watch: The construction of a low-cost home with reduced energy demand, while generating and storing solar energy

The UK’s first ‘smart’ carbon positive house (pictured below) – which can export more power to the grid than it uses – has been built in Wales. It’s designed to be a highly efficient low cost family home

The three bedroom house was built with high levels of thermal insulation to boost heating efficiency.

It includes structural insulated panels (SIPS), external insulated render, transpired solar air collectors (TSC) and double glazed aluminium clad timber frame windows and doors.

SOLCER Smart carbon positive energy houseImage Credit: Cardiff University, Solcer Project

Solcer-House-worksImage Credit: The Mirror, UK

Solcer-House-works (1)Image Credit: Cardiff University, Solcer Project

The building incorporates renewable energy systems as building elements. For example, he south-facing roof is made from the solar panel system, to let natural light in as well as generate electricity.

The designers say this approach cuts costs and improves the appearance of the building.

The house’ energy systems combine solar generation and battery storage to power both its combined heating, ventilation, hot water system, and its electrical power systems.

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