FullyCharged Show: Mazda MX-30 First Drive — Does it have a perfectly sized battery?

The Mazda MX30 is a practical, straightforward and impressive compact SUV with everything you would expect from a well-made car by Mazda. There is just one small question mark, and it is small, the battery.

Mazda’s first all-electric ground-up car comes with one 35.5 kWh battery option which seems unusual for a car of this size. The smaller, lighter battery does however bring down this EV down into a lower price bracket, but also means it has a lower range. But does Mazda’s reasoning about using a smaller battery to reduce overall CO2 make sense? And much more importantly, how many random sound effects can Robert make while adjusting his seat?

One thing you can’t alter is the false engine noise that accompanies acceleration and braking. But it actually sounds quite sweet – like a dinky three-cylinder petrol engine singing through autotune – and only pipes up under harder throttle or brake use.

The car’s as spookily serene as any other EV as you cruise through town or along an A-road.

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