Panasonic expands its EverVolt™ portfolio with two product series that support battery storage

Panasonic is launching the EverVolt Solar Modules with two product series, which will be available in February 2021:

The new modules are designed to accompany its EverVolt Battery Storage system.

The products are:

1. The EverVolt Solar Module Series 370W / 360W modules feature efficiencies of 21.2% and 20.6% respectively, a temperature coefficient of -0.26%, and provides maximum power output for residential solar systems.

2. The EverVolt Solar Module Black Series 360W / 350W modules feature efficiencies of 20.6% and 20%, respectively, and have a temperature coefficient of -0.26% packaged in a sleek all-black aesthetic.

What do you think of these new modules? Do you plan to try them out during your next install?

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