Watch: Solar powered smart trash bins in NYC collect data, display alerts and provide free WiFi

This project began in downtown Manhattan, where more than 170 of Bigbelly’s solar powered “smart” bins have already been installed. Each container is equipped with a chip that detects when the bin is full or too smelly, allowing trash collectors to make a pick-up where they’re needed most.

But the city thought the already-high-tech bin could still use an upgrade.


Wi-Fi units have been installed inside some of the bins and while free Wi-Fi is the biggest benefit, it’s certainly not the only one. The bins may also be able to help the government collect data about waste management or display public service announcements and alerts.

“We are a smart solar-powered, connected technology platform that is literally sitting in the streets of New York,” says Leila Dillon, Bigbelly’s vice president of global marketing. “We are exactly where the people are.”

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