FullyCharged Show: The ID.4 is the second car in Volkswagen’s onslaught of pure EVs: Will it outsell the ID.3?

VW might be in the early stages of electrification but they already have another new EV coming to the market – the ID.4.

The ‘big brother’ to the ID.3 was recently launched in the US and we sent Chelsea Sexton along to find out more about this new compact SUV. Chelsea was able to take the car for a short, stealth test and was impressed. VW will be mass-producing the ID.4 along with the ID.3 but at present, has no plans to bring ID.3 to North America. Is that a mistake?

The ID.4 is the second car in Volkswagen’s onslaught of pure EVs. It is positioned at the smaller end of the compact SUV segment, but its electric drivetrain means it maintains a respectable cargo room.

The car is built with a steel body structure and rides on a strut-type front suspension in front and a multi-link axle with coil springs in back—both with an anti-roll bar. VW says that the ID.4’s turning circle is just 33.5 feet, which puts it in the same league as many small cars.

The ID.4 comes with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes—the latter a choice that’s unusual in EVs as it adds weight versus discs.

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