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This guide contains everything you need to know about guest blogging on our platform

We love original content from readers and professionals or solar enthusiasts. Our most successful posts inform, discuss news stories and propose changes to current policy or improvements market products in all, to help grow the solar industry.

This website seldom accepts guest posts from individuals or firms that are unknown or don’t have a vested interest in the industry. We have a lot of material to post and we are not desperate to publish “anything.” We generally have 5-10 posts (1-2 months) in queue to be published at any given time. If we get short of quality stuff to publish, we’ll just start posting less frequently.

The purpose of a guest post is to publish something from a new perspective or with information that is different from ours. The information you submit should not be readily available elsewhere with a simple google search.

That said, the following are general guidelines for submission.


Word Count: We accept posts that are between 600-800 words.

Tone: Helpful. Encouraging. Genuine. These are qualities we strive for in our content. We leverage positive news stories to motivate the public and generate interest in solar photovoltaic technology. We also provide important knowledge for investors, recruiters and employers looking for the reasons to join the solar industry.

Original Content: We only publish original content. We do not accept posts already published on your personal blog, company blog, or another publication. We will sometimes make an exception for helpful syndicated content.

Bio and Promotion: We do promote our guest posts, and encourage you to do the same. Since we require original content and do not pay for our guest posts, we suggest adding a colorful 2-3 sentence bio and link to your social pages, a project you’re working on, or your business.


Guest Post Contributors: We absolutely love and highly value guest post submissions. However, we may not have the time to reply to every submission. If we choose to publish your post, you will hear from us within 14 days.

If we decide to pass, you will likely not hear from us within the 14 day period. Please submit one post at a time, and after the 14 day period you may follow up with another post submission.

Grammar: our website target audience are mostly highly-educated native English speakers. Our editors are very busy, so if I have to edit out multiple simple grammar and spelling errors it is unlikely we will publish your post.

Plagiarism: Please avoid plagiarizing on your submitted guest post. It is considered “fair use” to quote small portions of articles as long as they are attributed to the author and not construed as your own work.

Avoid offensive phrasing: there is usually a way to get your point across without racist, sexist, profane, or crude terms that are likely to offend part of my audience.

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    This site reserves the right to edit or reject submitted guest posts. Requests that do not follow or do not meet policy guidelines will not be accepted or responded to.

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