Nova Scotia introduced new legislative changes to protect solar adoption, put a check on Nova Scotia Power

Amendments strengthen the province's net metering program.

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Nova Scotia — The Province of Nova Scotia introduced legislative changes that will protect homeowners and small businesses in the solar industry.

The government says the changes are designed to improve Nova Scotia Power’s net-metering program, support the solar energy industry in Nova Scotia and improve the Community Solar and Green Choice programs.

The changes will push Nova Scotia Power to ensure that ratepayers have reliable power and further hold the utility accountable for how it delivers electricity. It’ll create more performance standards such as ensuring the utility provides better customer service.

Nova Scotia’s Minister of Energy and Mines, Chuck Porter, announced the amendments on April 7.

“This announcement clearly signals that the Government of Nova Scotia is committed to enhancing opportunities for solar energy to help reach its targets for renewable energy and Net Zero GHG emissions,” said CanREA President and CEO, Robert Hornung.

The changes will enable more businesses and households, including apartment tenants, to adopt solar energy through a shared ownership or subscription model.

Amendments will also allow non-residential customers to scale up their solar installations, with a new cap on system size to be determined through stakeholder consultation.

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