Canadian MIT Prof is on the quest to build a better battery

MIT professor invented a battery he says is safer, more reliable and lasts a long time

Renewables are growing, but even if they could someday replace fossil fuels, there’s a problem: that energy needs to be stored. Currently, battery tech isn’t up to the task, but the solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems might just be sitting in Marlborough Massachusetts.

MIT News

A battery made of molten metals
New battery may offer low-cost, long-lasting storage for the grid

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  1. Please – a little bit more technical information here. This whole story really says nothing that isn’t obvious. Of course we want cheap batteries that last a long time. What’s the innovation here? How is it made? How does it work? Power density? Advantages and drawbacks compared to others?

    1. @Ian: We’ve edited the story by including a link to the original article published by MIT news. It provides more information about the battery chemistry and why they believe its a better battery.

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