USD $6,942 tiny off-the-grid house with huge solar panels

Amazingly, this tiny house has a 4kw solar array with 36kw of lead-acid battery storage, allowing the family to power not just their home (including all the modern appliances) but also a tiny house building workshop!

The home was constructed as a DIY build by Glade and Cloe, with the vast majority of all the materials being found in the hard rubbish. With all the labor done by the couple, and with the building materials mostly up-cycled and recycled, the home was constructed for an amazing price of only AU$10,000 (USD $6,942)!

Sitting on 12 acres just outside of Melbourne, Australia the off-the-grid tiny house is an ideal home for his young family.

Glade has started his own tiny house construction business which operates from his property, allowing him to spend time at home with his family. Their home is packed full of clever design ideas and is definitely one to check out.

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