SnapNrack expands sealing technology with structural roof attachments that eliminate the need to locate and attach to rafters

Now accepting orders with standard order lead times.

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California — SnapNrack has expanded their SpeedSeal™ Technology to now include SpeedSeal™ DeckFoot for the Ultra Rail Roof Mount System and SpeedSeal™ DeckTrack for the RL Universal Roof Mount System.

The SpeedSeal™ DeckMount products are part of a new generation of roof attachments, featuring an innovative design that incorporates SpeedSeal™ Technology into a roof attachment that mounts directly to the deck.

The new SnapNrack SpeedSeal™ DeckFoot and DeckTrack expand rooftop versatility by providing structural roof attachments without the need to locate and attach to rafters. Following in the footsteps of SnapNrack’s first SpeedSeal™ products, the SpeedSeal™ DeckFoot and DeckTrack eliminate the need to pry up shingles, therefore minimizing damage and disruption to the roof, while speeding up the installation process.

The rafter independent attachment is simply secured by the familiar installation process of filling the sealant cavities and securing the mounts directly to the roof deck. SnapNrack’s patent-pending SpeedSeal™ Technology leverages the force of the hardware installation to compress sealant into the cavities, screw holes and irregularities of the roof surface. The sealant venting ports indicate a proper seal when excess sealant, thus creating a lasting 100% waterproof seal.

Both SpeedSeal™ DeckFoot and SpeedSeal™ DeckTrack give installers the ability to mount SnapNrack systems on specialty roof structures without standard rafters including TJI’s, metal rafters, tongue and groove, and manufactured homes. It carries on the SpeedSeal™ Technology tradition of saving installers time on the roof with less parts and less tools, while maintaining the integrity of the shingles.

SnapNrack says it’s now accepting orders for the new SnapNrack SpeedSeal™ DeckFoot and SpeedSeal™ DeckTrack with standard order lead times. More details can be found by contacting a SnapNrack Distribution Account Manager or an authorized SnapNrack Distributor. Customers can be certain they will find a solution necessary for the needs of their business when they turn to SnapNrack for their Solar Mounting Solutions.

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