Perovskites are often hailed as the next big thing for solar panels.

They’re more efficient than silicon PVs could ever be, and they have higher yields. However, their fragility and short lifespans have relegated them to the lab…so far.

But 2024 is looking to be the year of the perovskite.

The last few months have seen new perovskite researchers all over the world smashing records, including durability. Because of this, some of these new perovskites are even set to hit the market this year.

In this video, Matt Ferrell reviews some of the most exciting breakthroughs in perovskite research and answers the question weather they are finally ready for their big debut. And if we should care.

This video was produced and published by Matt Ferrell. It’s published here via a pvbuzz partnership with Matt.

Diana A. N.
Diana writes about eco-trends, green living, and sustainable technologies that help us live healthy/active lifestyles. She is also a freelance fashion blogger, and an "Instagram Influencer" (@effortlesslady) in Ottawa, ON — Canada.

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