I’ve shared my experiences living with solar panels on my previous home for five years now. Including the pros and cons of it.

I just moved into my new factory built home with the goal of achieving net zero energy, which means more solar. I’ve experienced going solar twice within five years. Both with the same solar installer, in the same state … but with very different houses.

How did I go about sizing my solar panel system to try and hit that net zero target before I actually lived here? And what challenges did we run into … because there were some challenges.

This video was produced and published by Matt Ferrell. It’s published here via a pvbuzz partnership with Matt.

Matt Ferrell
Matt Ferrell lives in the Boston area and is a UI/UX designer by trade, but has always been obsessed by technology and how it works. In 2018 he started his YouTube channel, Undecided with Matt Ferrell, where he explores sustainable and smart technologies like EVs, solar panels, and smart homes (undecidedmf[dot]com).

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