3M commits to design all new products with ‘built-in’ sustainability value

Multinational consumer goods, healthcare and industry firm 3M, unveiled a new requirement for all products it releases from January 2019 to be designed with “sustainability value” built in.

Under this commitment, all new product lines will be required to have at least one sustainability “success story” to tell which is “appropriate to the specific product” for its entire life-cycle. Such success stories include reusability, recyclability, responsible raw material sourcing and the avoidance of resource or waste-intensive manufacturing processes.

Products with the ability of the product to deliver energy, waste, water or carbon savings for the end-user will also be classed as meeting the requirement, as will innovations aimed at tackling issues such as air quality, transport optimisation and safety in healthcare settings, 3M said in a statement.

Consumer goods brands owned by 3M include Post-It notes, Scotch stationary and Command adhesive strips, with the company owning dozens more brands across the energy, electronics, healthcare, graphics and safety sectors. In total, 3M releases 1,000 new product lines per year.

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