4 tips for installing solar photovoltaic panels on a new construction

Incorporating solar energy into your house plans will help boost the output of the array and therefore increase your return on investment. Here are four tips to use when installing on a new construction.


1. Orient the home for solar panels
If you will be mounting your solar panel on the roof of your new home, it is important to have a large south-facing roof. If your home has a rectangular shape, one of the long sides should face south. This provides more roof space for your solar panels.

Sufficient space is essential if you want your solar system to produce all the electricity your house will consume throughout the year. A small south-facing roof will limit your space for panels, decreasing the possible size of the array.

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  1. Sarah
    This is a vision of the future I have been toiling with as far as current roof top solar systems.
    What I see that will be more efficent is convex type panels that operate similar to a cactus flowering in the desert or a rose opening to the warmth of the sun.
    This type of operation would be far more efficent, costly of course at the moment, but far more to the advantage to residences in northern or Southern Hemispheres.
    Rather than convention flat panels why incorporate a spheres that unfold similar to that of a peeled orange. Three side sections, opening and closing with the angle of the seasonal suns positioning.
    Your thoughts?

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