5N Plus
5N Plus is a Montréal, Québec-based producer of specialty semiconductors and performance materials.
5N Plus

Quebec 5N Plus, a leading global producer of specialty semiconductors and performance materials, announced that, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH (“AZUR”), it supplied the triple junction solar cells utilized to help deliver the world’s largest and highest efficiency next-generation long duration solar energy storage project, now officially declared ‘open’.

AZUR’s high-efficiency solar cells are key components of Australian solar-and-storage company RayGen’s proprietary solar technology.

Sunlight, concentrated by tracking mirrors onto RayGen’s solar receiver, is converted by an array of RayGen solar modules, tiled with AZUR cells, into electricity and by-product heat.

The solar electricity is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and the heat offers an attractive synergy for RayGen’s water-based electro-thermal energy storage.

“We are thrilled to have supported longtime partner RayGen to help deliver the world’s largest and highest efficiency solar storage photovoltaic project through innovative technology.

AZUR’s high-efficiency, high-performance solar cells enable RayGen to provide energy on a large scale, both consistently and on short-notice, with minimal environmental impact.

We look forward to continuing to support RayGen as they pursue additional utility-scale projects critical to the energy transition,” said Gervais Jacques, President and CEO of 5N Plus.

RayGen has made world-leading breakthroughs in solar power technology and renewable energy storage. Its flagship power plant in Carwarp, Victoria (Australia) was officially inaugurated and declared ‘open’ on August 31, 2023, delivering 4 MW solar and 2.8 MW / 50 MWh storage capacity, making it the world’s largest and lowest-cost next-generation long-duration energy storage projects.

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