Could agrivoltaics be a viable solution to the growing food production and energy demand?

We have a world population expected to grow by 1.2 billion people within 15 years, coupled with a growing demand for meat, eggs and dairy, which soak up over 70% of fresh water for crops, plus electricity demand that’s growing even faster than population growth … what are we supposed to do about all of that?

Well, we can combine two things: technology and food. But, could combining solar panels plus farming be a viable solution to all of those problems?

In this video, Matt takes a closer look at “agrivoltaics” … adding solar to our farmland as well as some of the side benefits … and challenges … it creates.

This video was produced and published by Matt Ferell. It was originally published on his YouTube channel.
It’s published here via a pvbuzz partnership with Matt.

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