Is the Alberta solar market safe from Jason Kenney’s Conservatives?

For the Alberta solar market, parallels between Jason Kenney and Ontario’s Doug Ford are evident. This troubling similarity is their anti-renewable energy sentiment.

Since 2015, Alberta’s been the hottest place in Canada to invest in solar energy. This is evident when looking at the growth projections, which show that since 2015, the renewable energy industry has exploded with a 500 percent growth.

The rapid growth of the solar industry can largely be credited to Rachel Notley’s NDP, who was swept into power with a majority government back in 2015. Since the election, the NDP has introduced a number of programs aimed at boosting the demand for renewable energy throughout the Province.

Energy Efficiency Alberta, an initiative funded by the NDP’s provincial carbon tax, is one of many programs offering Albertans increased opportunities to make the switch to solar energy. The primary incentives provide rebates for residential, commercial and non-profit solar installations.

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