In an effort to provide greater investment certainty, the Alberta government has released more details about its plan to have renewable power make up 30 percent of electricity generation in Alberta by 2030.

On Tuesday, the government released interim targets based on the long-term outlook for the electricity system, the feasibility of when new renewable projects can come online, and the timing of market events such as the phasing out of coal, coal-to-gas conversions and new infrastructure. While about 10 percent of Alberta’s electricity generation currently comes from renewable sources, the new targets show that growing to 15 percent by 2022, 20 percent by 2025, and 26 percent by 2028.

The government has already completed three rounds of a competitive auction process that has secured 1,360 MW of renewable electricity. Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said details of a fourth auction, which will add up to 400 MW of renewable power, will be made available in mid-2019.

Establishing interim targets provides a “road map” for the province’s Renewable Electricity Program, said Phillips, and gives those involved in the electricity market greater certainty.

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