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Prince Edward Island — Ameresco announced that it has been awarded the Slemon Park Microgrid project, which it will develop in collaboration with Prince Edward Island (PEI) Energy Corporation.

The Slemon Park Microgrid will consist of a 10-MW solar facility with direct current-coupled energy storage, meaning that the co-located solar and energy storage assets will share the same interconnection. Implementation of behind-the-meter energy storage solutions, as well as a small deployment of residential energy storage systems, will benefit Slemon Park commercial businesses and local residents by storing energy for later use.

By incorporating energy storage components to better balance renewable energy generation, the microgrid will help manage peak load demands within Slemon Park and is expected to offset approximately 4500 tonnes CO2e/year over its useful life.

“The Slemon Park Microgrid project will further our goal of achieving Net Zero energy by 2030 on Prince Edward Island. With the addition of a new, clean renewable energy grid, we’ll be able to better reduce our baseline greenhouse gas emissions and create a more resilient future,” said Steven Myers, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Action.

Ameresco and PEI Energy Corporation will work collaboratively with the Slemon Park Corporation to utilize the park’s unique infrastructure to successfully implement the microgrid. The completed project will enhance local economic development and strengthen renewable energy solutions in Prince Edward Island.

“We are so excited to partner with PEI Energy Corporation on such an impactful project. Improving grid resiliency will enable the province of Prince Edward Island to successfully implement renewable energy projects that will help serve to protect the Island’s environment and lead to a more sustainable and economically robust future,” said Bob McCullough, President, Ameresco Canada.

Construction began in December 2021 with a target energize date scheduled for Fall 2022.

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