APsystems announces the launch of the “DS3 series”, dual-module microinverter with outputs up to 960VA

Netherlands — APsystems unveils the DS3 series, a dual-module, single phase microinverter product line for residential and commercial solar applications.

APsystems says the DS3 series is launching with multiple power offerings in several major global markets, with outputs up to 960VA.

The DS3 series is designed to be paired with any choice of PV module type and size, including 60 and 72-cell modules, 120 and 144 split-cell modules, as well as bi-facial modules. With multiple output ranges available, installers can capably find an optimal DS3 microinverter model to match their choice of PV module type, size and capacity to maximize the power output and increase energy harvest.

The new product line is also fully compatible with APsystems’ existing QS1 and YC600 microinverters as well as ECU-R, ECU-C and ECU-B gateway devices.

APsystems says the DS3 series offers reduced logistics costs, faster installation, improved communication and connection features, and a wide MPPT voltage range for greater energy harvest during low light conditions.

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