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California — Aurora Solar announced the acquisition of Folsom Labs, the developer of HelioScope.

“Aurora Solar and Folsom Labs share a common mission to build a future of solar energy for all,” said Christopher Hopper, co-founder of Aurora Solar. “We built our business to help the solar industry scale through technology, and adding the Folsom Labs team puts us in an even better position to drive the digital transformation of the solar industry.”

Aurora says the acquisition accelerates its strategy of providing tools for solar companies, from residential to large-scale commercial solar, and for all teams within an organization.

“Today is a big day for solar,” said Samuel Adeyemo, co-founder of Aurora Solar. “As a result of this acquisition, solar professionals from the residential and commercial sectors can look forward to faster product innovation and an unparalleled customer experience. I’m delighted to welcome the Folsom Labs team to Aurora.”

“Our shared vision and values have made it clear that joining forces will enable us to maximize our impact on the industry,” said Paul Grana, co-founder of Folsom Labs. Paul Gibbs, co-founder of Folsom Labs added “As a part of Aurora Solar, we’ll be able to provide the comprehensive solution the solar industry has been waiting for since we both started our parallel journeys.”

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