Biden Administration wants solar to be 40 percent of electricity generation by 2035, up from 3 percent today

Memo identifies various strategies including clean energy tax credits

According to The Hill, the U.S Department of Energy projects that solar could make up 40% of all power generation across the country by 2035, an increase of more than 10-fold from today.

The information comes from a memo released by the Biden administration citing a pre-publication study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The memo identifies various strategies including clean energy tax credits, investment in the grid and transmission lines and increased deployment to low-income communities.

CNBC notes that while the cost of solar has dropped by 70% over the last decade, costs will need to continue to decline to meet these growth goals—which include Biden’s call for a carbon-free power sector by 2035.

The $1 trillion infrastructure plan approved by the Senate will likely support solar power through investments in modernizing the electricity grid.

However, the White House is aiming for tax credits and a clean electricity payment program for utilities, which may be included in another proposed $3.5tn spending package that the administration wants to push through.

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