Hi solar enthusiasts!

It’s Sofia again, and I’m thrilled to bring you the latest installment of our insightful interview series, The Convo.

In this exciting episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Bobby MacCannell, the innovative Founder and CEO of Brightworks Energy. Bobby’s not just a solar system designer; he’s someone who has personally navigated the journey of installing a solar system in his own home. This unique experience offers a rare and valuable perspective that we delve into.

Our conversation centered around the recent updates to the Canada Greener Homes program and the potential future of federal incentives for renewable energy. With the Greener Homes program set to close in March 2024, Bobby provides crucial insights into what this means for homeowners and the broader impact on Canada’s shift towards sustainable energy.

But that’s not all – we also tackle the question on every eco-conscious homeowner’s mind: should you still take advantage of the current incentives? Bobby’s expertise in the solar industry offers a guiding light to those grappling with this decision.

Before jumping into the technicalities of solar incentives and program updates, I took some time to understand more about Bobby’s journey in the solar energy sector and his vision for Brightworks Energy. We explored how individual choices can contribute to a greener planet and the role of initiatives like the Greener Homes program in driving this change.

So, if you’re keen to understand the intricacies of solar energy incentives, the impact of federal programs on sustainable living, and insights from a leader in the solar industry, this episode is a must-listen!

Join me in this engaging episode of The Convo with Bobby MacCannell.

Let’s dive into the world of solar energy and explore how we can all play a part in creating a more sustainable future.

This video was produced and published by pvbuzz media.

Sofia Martimianakis
Sofia is a writer who has public sector and renewable energy industry experience. She holds an HBA from the University of Toronto and an MA in English Literature from the University of Waterloo.

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