Infographics show that California is a leader in U.S solar capacity

Boasts 13,241MW of cumulative installed solar capacity.

Ever since the U.S state of California passed a climate bill requiring 50% of each utility’s retail sales to come from renewable energy by 2050, it has been a leader in solar capacity.

The state now boasts 13,241 megawatts of cumulative installed solar capacity, enough to power an estimated 3.3 million homes.

California also lays claim to the largest solar farm in the world in terms of installed capacity. Completed in 2015, it is called the Solar Star and boasts 1.7 million solar panels spread over 3,200 acres with a 579 megawatt capacity.

California solar install inforgraphic
California installed 13,241 MW of solar as of March 2016. Credit SEIA

Top 10 Solar States
This infographic ranks the Top 10 Solar States based on cumulative solar capacity installed (as of March 2016). It also includes the number of megawatts installed per state and number of houses powered per megawatt of solar added. It also show the rankings “remixed” based on number of solar jobs as of January 2016, solar capacity installed in 2015, solar capacity per capita, and percentage of new electricity generation from solar. Credit: SEIA

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