Politicians continue to virtue signal when advocating for renewable energy — but sometimes, they omit facts. That might be because the omitted facts fail to support the “virtue” they are promoting, such as a clean green environment, or maybe politicians don’t feel the need to discuss cost versus benefits or other close examinations of their claims.

But despite their best efforts, more information keeps coming to light showing why politicians find it necessary to sometimes leave out inconvenient truths. For instance, Canada appears to be leading the world in reducing air pollution while actually being a low emitter of GHGs in respect to our GDP.

When have you heard any green-crusading politician mention that?

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  1. What a ridiculously stupid “article”. I don’t even want to use the word article for this garbage. Oh, and by the way, Canada has about 0.5% of the global population (35 million divided by 7 billion), so if we are contributing 1.6% of the greenhouse gas emissions, than we are way over the global average and need to do something about that.

  2. I agree with Larry. This article is beyound immoral. Stupid is a soft word.

  3. There is an old but more than ever true comment of the Physicial Max Plank who stated :
    New Knowledge does not become accepted because the old preventers get convinced of the advantage and requirments of new knwoledges but because they die out .
    I hope I could translate right and can only add that the same incredible nonsense is communicated by the oldtimer crews in Europe too. We all have responsability for the intire planet which is a closed system that does not stop at national borthers .

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