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The Federal Government has announced that by 2025, 100% of the electricity used in their buildings and operations will be from renewable energy sources. This target is in support of a target to reduce the Federal Government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40% as early as 2025.

The initiative supports their commitment to a cleaner, more innovative economy that reduces emissions and protects the environment while creating well-paying jobs for the middle class and ensures a prosperous and sustainable economy for the next generation.

Speaking from Calgary at a renewable energy industry conference, the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change highlighted that this initiative will create significant new demand for renewable electricity across Canada including a significant purchase of renewable electricity for Department of National Defence installations in Alberta (Calgary, Cold Lake, Edmonton, Wainwright, and Suffield).

“We are taking action on climate change by greening our government’s activities and are doing our part to make further progress towards Canada’s emissions target,” said Catherine McKenna, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. “We will do more, as we develop our pan-Canadian climate plan—a plan that will create good jobs for the benefit of Canadians, especially the middle class and those striving to join it.”

“The Federal Government’s commitment to purchasing 100% renewable electricity from sources, such as solar energy, as early as 2025 makes a significant contribution to Canada’s innovation and environmental protection agenda,” said John Gorman, CanSIA President & CEO in support of the announcement.

The Canadian government already announced $2.1 billion in Budget 2016 towards repairs and retrofits to a wide range of government buildings, and to the greening of government operations.

“The Government must do its part to meet the challenges of climate change to leave a prosperous and sustainable economy and a strong middle class for the next generations,” said Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board in a statement. “I was proud to announce that we will be reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and that all departments are on board to get it done.”

H/T: Content from a CanSIA industry Newsletter dated Wednesday, November 02nd 2016. It has been edited and published by the pvbuzz media team.

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