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Ontario — Canadian Solar announced it has started mass production of its new 54-cell format module with 182 mm cells for residential, commercial and industrial rooftop solar systems.

The shipment of these new format modules started this month.

CS6R-MS, the new module type under HiKu6 series, has a power output of up to 420 W and module efficiency of up to 21.5%.

Canadian Solar says the module is suitable for rooftop solar applications given its small module size (1.95 m² ˣ 30 mm), lightweight (21.3 kg), and aesthetic design for homogenous appearance.

That the module is Level 1 certified according to the latest IEC 63126 standard, ensuring the module will generate electricity safely and durably even under harsher rooftop operating conditions.

“I am excited to announce that we have started mass production and delivered the first batch of the 54-cell modules of up to 420 W based on 182 mm PERC cells,” remarked Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar.

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