China has built the world’s largest floating solar project
The impressive plant is built on the surface of a reservoir, which has been converted. (Daily Mail)

The biggest floating solar energy plant in the world has been opened in China.

The plant, located on a lake created by the collapse of abandoned coal mines, can produce up to 40 megawatts of electricity at full capacity.

This is enough to provide light and air conditioning to much of a nearby city.

Time reports that the provincial government wants to expand the effort to more than a dozen sites, which collectively would produce the same amount of power as a full-size commercial nuclear reactor.

Why it matters:
China is investing heavily in solar energy as it tries to reduce severe air pollution.

Building solar plants on water–makes the energy generation process more efficient, as water keeps the panels cooler; which extends the lifespan of the equipment.

Building solar plants on water also frees up land that can be used for agriculture or housing.

Don’t forget:
The country is proving to be a leader in renewable energy adoption as we remember the Longyanxia Dam solar park, the biggest in the world, is also located in China.

Diana A. N.
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