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New Jersey — PosiGen announced that Paterson is the first New Jersey city to join in partnership with the Solar for All New Jersey program.

Solar for All New Jersey is a clean energy initiative available to all New Jersey homeowners through the financial and resiliency benefits of rooftop solar. The program offers solar power and energy efficiency measures to all homeowners regardless of income or credit score.

The innovative program is financed through a public-private partnership and combines a solar lease with energy efficiency upgrades to lower the energy burden on participating households. The program partners with municipalities and non-profits to reach underserved families.

To celebrate the partnership, Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh joined the PosiGen team at the Paterson of Ronessa Johnson, a new PosiGen customer. Johnson joins more than 18,000 families nationwide to go solar with PosiGen’s Solar For All programs.

The Johnson’s new 5-kW solar system, installed today by PosiGen crews, will save the family an estimated first-year net savings of $700 from their electric bill.

“As a homeowner, I always look for ways to be efficient with my resources,” Ronessa Johnson said. “Everyone I have spoken with at PosiGen has been extremely professional and has taken the time to make sure I understood everything that is happening at home. I really appreciate that they are helping me and my community become more energy resilient.”

Solar for All New Jersey supports Mayor Sayegh’s commitment to reduce energy costs for lower-income families and those on fixed incomes while creating quality jobs and making his city more climate-resilient. “Paterson is serious about sustainability and saving our residents’ money,” said Mayor Andre Sayegh. “That’s why we are proud to partner with PosiGen to cut energy costs for our constituents.”

Solar for All New Jersey offers 100% of solar feasible homeowners a financing solution, through a no money down, no credit requirement solar lease with energy efficiency upgrades. The unique accessibility of this campaign brings solar and energy efficiency to homeowners who are left out of traditional programs and who can benefit the most from energy savings.

“PosiGen’s mission is to make solar available to everyone,” said Tom Neyhart, PosiGen CEO. “Being able to save families money on their utility bills allows them to have more money to spend in their own communities on things like groceries and school supplies. Right now it’s more important than ever that families can get their energy costs under control. By pairing energy efficiency with every solar install our customers see savings 30-80% higher than solar alone! We are happy to provide that opportunity through Solar for All New Jersey. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, and because we focus on low-to-moderate income homeowners, we know we are making an impact on deserving families.”

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