Emerging as a new landmark in West Vancouver, the Courtenay, a seven-storey condominium complex, has become a notable model for sustainable residential architecture in Metro Vancouver.

Nestled on a slope leading to Cypress Mountain at 3101 Burfield Place, this prominent structure introduces a significant solar energy feature within a multifamily residential space.


The Courtenay is outfitted with a solar system of 48 panels, offering approximately 23,300 kilowatt-hours of electric power per year. Remarkably, this satisfies half of the building’s plug-load requirements.

The panels, situated on the rooftop and a sun-facing “solar mast” wall, also service the building’s heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and electric car charging systems.

collage - pvbuzz courtenay-3101-burfield-place-west-vancouver-british-properties-solar-panel-2

Courtenay at 3101 Burfield Place in the British Pacific Properties of West Vancouver. (British Pacific Properties via dailyhive)

An innovative aspect of the design is an interactive display in the elevator lobby, where residents can monitor the real-time performance of the solar system.

British Pacific Properties, the builders behind Courtenay, have marked a milestone with this project as it represents their first completely electrified building that completely abstains from natural gas use.

This switch is projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 159 tonnes annually, an ecological impact comparable to nurturing over 314,000 trees for half a century.

Complementing the solar energy system, the building also incorporates other energy-saving strategies such as high-efficiency heat pump heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, and superior insulation facilitated by the use of fibreglass windows.

The layout of the building also contributes to energy efficiency; half the residences are accessed via exterior walkways to limit the necessity for heating and cooling of indoor common spaces.

Additionally, units are designed with windows on both the northern and southern sides, enabling a natural flow of mountain air.

Designed by Ramsay Worden Architects, the Courtenay features 39 premium condominium units spread across two angled wings, a layout that ensures maximized views and sunlight for each unit.

To further enhance the building’s environmental compatibility, a large portion of the rooftop functions as a green roof, providing insulation while also managing stormwater.

In sum, the Courtenay represents a blend of high-end residential living with cutting-edge green technology, setting a new standard for sustainable living in Metro Vancouver.

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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