Driving an electric vehicle saves you big bucks: B.C. Hydro survey

The longer your commute, the more you save by driving an electric vehicle, according to a survey released Friday by B.C. Hydro.

The provincial power utility estimates that consumers could save thousands of dollars a year by switching from a vehicle powered by fossil fuels to one powered by electricity. A commuter driving the 80-km round trip from Surrey to Vancouver, for example, would spend $409 a year in an electric Nissan Leaf, according to the survey.

Driving a fossil-fuelled Honda Civic would cost an estimated $2,200 or about $1,700 more a year; a Toyota RV4, $2,519, or $2,000 more; and a Ford F150, $3,779 or $3,200 more. The B.C. Hydro calculations are based on an electric vehicle costing the equivalent of 25 cents a litre in gasoline.

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  1. EV’s have a interesting financial appeal yet no data has been addressed on long term maintenance cost. Eg; battery upgrades, capacitors, corroded wiring or in a worsened situation drive motors or motor replacement . All, likely, have a far much higher cost than that of the extisting fossil fuel vehicles.
    Included in this would be the part or repair replacement cost in case of a MVA. Not to forget that in the case of a accident how do responders approach a electric charged vehicle that could possibly have the same risk as a charged utility power line on the ground.
    In the colder climates the vehicle has to be kept inside a heated garage while not in use otherwise like ALL battery operated equipment discharge faster during long periods below “0” Celsius!
    Allot of ??? not being addressed.

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