Largest rooftop solar array in Canada installed at Edmonton Expo Centre (GlobalNews)
  • Once completed, the $5-million solar project at the Edmonton Expo Centre will be the largest rooftop solar installation in Canada.
  • Phase 1 of the project is currently underway and will be completed in November.
  • This phase comprises 5,754 solar panels.
  • If approved, Phase 2 would see more panels installed across other halls at a cost of approximately $3.4 million.

Upon completion, the $5-million solar project at the Edmonton Expo Centre will be the largest rooftop solar array in Canada.

There are six other city rooftop solar arrays in Edmonton, but none comparable in size to the one currently being installed on the Expo Centre.

Phase 1 of the project will see 5,754 solar panels installed across more than 193,735 square feet of available space above Halls D and H. Phase 1 is expected to be completed and fully operational by November 2022.

Poised to be a leader in innovative energy technologies, the buildings’ impressive dimensions, unobstructed sightlines and current lack of rooftop infrastructure made it possible for an array of this size to be considered for the space.

Canada’s energy industry is currently transitioning to renewable energy, and a rooftop array of this size will make a significant impact. Once completed, the Expo’s solar array will generate enough green energy to power approximately 375 homes annually.

The financial impact will be similarly impressive, with $290,000-$460,000 estimated yearly savings. The city forecasts that the system will have paid for itself in 10-17 years, considering potential fluctuations in energy prices. It’s expected to have a lifespan of at least 25 years, typical for rooftop solar projects.

Phase 2 will see more panels installed over Halls A, B and C at a cost of approximately $3.4 million. According to the city, there could be an additional $185-300,000 in savings per year once Phase 2 is up and running.

The project will remind residents and visitors that Edmonton is committed to doing its part to aid in Canada’s transition to a lower-carbon economy.

Sofia Martimianakis
Sofia is a writer who has public sector and renewable energy industry experience. She holds an HBA from the University of Toronto and an MA in English Literature from the University of Waterloo.

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