Alberta — Enfinite and its sponsor, The TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund, announce their continued investment in Alberta with the development and energization of three more energy storage projects within their eReserve program adding 60 MW of energy.

Enfinite’s eReserve7, eReserve8, and eReserve9 utilize innovative Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and are strategically located to support the energy infrastructure near the communities of Wapiti and Hythe in northern Alberta. With the addition of these three projects, Enfinite now has nine operational battery storage facilities in Alberta, capable of storing up to 315 MWh of energy.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of three more operational eReserve projects,” says Jason White, Chief Executive Officer for Enfinite. “Our energy storage systems address the instability issues facing Alberta’s grid, and we are committed to supporting the province as it seeks to modernize the energy infrastructure and strengthen grid reliability.”

“During Alberta’s recent energy emergency, Enfinite’s eReserve energy storage assets played a pivotal role in preventing rolling blackouts. It was a historic moment for both Alberta and Enfinite as it marked the highest output from energy storage to the system with all nine of our eReserves responding to the power demand,” says White. “The synergy between natural gas assets as the foundational support and energy storage as the peak proved essential in navigating the demanding period for the electrical system.”

“This investment reflects our ongoing commitment to the Enfinite Platform,” says Jeff Mouland, Managing Director, and Head of Global Infrastructure Investments at TDAM. “These energy storage assets will play an important role in the future stability and reliability of Alberta’s electricity grid.”

Enfinite currently manages an operational capacity of 315 MWh. Additionally, the company has committed to deploying hundreds more megawatt hours of battery storage through a project pipeline that spans multiple jurisdictions across Canada, set to unfold in the upcoming years.

“Alberta is well-positioned to ensuring energy security with access to diverse energy sources,” says White. “Energy storage is a vital piece of that puzzle and will continue to be as the energy landscape evolves. At Enfinite, we are at the forefront of providing critical energy solutions to enable a more resilient, reliable, and sustainable electricity system for Canadians, regardless of how their power is generated.”

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