Enphase announces market expansion—introduces its IQ microinverters to the Brazilian solar market

California — Enphase announced the Company has entered the Brazilian solar market with the introduction of its IQ 7+™ microinverters.

Enphase will start shipping its IQ 7+ microinverters for residential and small commercial installers across Brazil starting in October 2021.

The Enphase microinverter systems will be outfitted with Enphase Envoy™ communications gateways, which connect an Enphase-based solar system to the Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring platform and helps make per-panel energy monitoring and insights for operations and maintenance easy.

“We are very excited to bring Enphase products to our customers in Brazil, building on the value we’ve been creating for years,” said Matheus Bazan, founder and CEO of Solstar Brazil. “Enphase and Solstar share the same values and our goal is to expand the Brazilian solar market with the best products and best customer service.”

The Company’s microinverters are designed to be long-lived energy assets and are backed by a 20-year limited warranty in the Brazilian solar market.

“Our entry into Brazil’s rapidly growing solar market is very exciting,” said Marco Krapels, vice president, market expansion at Enphase Energy. “Enphase microinverter systems feature unparalleled safety, simplicity and reliability, which enable residential and small commercial installers to spend less time installing and servicing systems and more time providing a superior customer experience, including 24/7 customer support. In addition, we are working with financing partners in Brazil like Solfácil to help expand access to Enphase products.”

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