Floating Solar Panels: world’s largest installation to set sail this year

The Netherlands is set to play host to the world’s largest collection of solar panel islands, capable of withstanding high wind speeds and repositioning itself to track the sun in the sky.

The installation will cover around half the surface area of North Holland’s Andijk reservoir, used by water firm PWN to purify and supply 25 million cubic meters of drinking water.

The Netherlands project is set to cover 15 islands with a total of 73,500 panels. The initial phase, covering three islands measuring around 460 feet in diameter each, is set to hit the water in November. While the company could have moved faster, it needed to ensure the birds had finished their migration season, giving them a three-month window to deploy the islands. The project will combine with another site involving static panels in nearby Hoofddorp to provide energy for 10,000 homes.

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