FortWhyte Alive launches Winnipeg’s largest solar facility

The installation will generate enough carbon-free solar power to make up 50 percent of the electricity consumed at FortWhyte Farms.

FortWhyte Alive is now home to Winnipeg’s largest solar power plant. The 60kW solar farm, installed on a 640-acre nature and educational facility, will create 50 percent of FortWhyte Alive’s electricity.

FortWhyte Alive is an environmental, education and recreation center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The large park and recreation facility is located in southwest Winnipeg along the migratory path of Canada geese.

Bill Elliot, President & CEO of FortWhyte Alive, said the challenges of climate change gives FortWhyte Alive to use the solar farm for public education on the need towards a global transition to a clean energy economy.

“As community leaders in sustainability, we believe that harnessing solar power at FortWhyte makes perfect sense from both an environmental and economic perspective,” Elliot added.

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