Honeywell upgrades its popular control system, adding virtual power plant functionality

Florida — Honeywell unveiled new virtual power plant (VPP) management functions for its Experion Energy Control System.

The company says its Experion Energy Control System VPP capabilities unlock more power, capacity and revenue from distributed energy resources (DERs) for customers ranging from utilities, commercial and industrial site operators and independent power producers.

That the solution allows customers to monitor, forecast, and coordinate to manage and improve the usage of energy assets in response to market conditions. The remote management functionality comes integrated within the Experion Energy Control System, meaning existing users do not need to install any additional equipment to begin using it.

For example, during intermittent weather conditions such as when the sun sets or clouds over, or when the wind stops blowing, users can automate when they choose to deploy energy reserves. Resource owners can also “revenue stack” or access additional revenue streams from resources such as wholesale energy markets or demand response programs.

Honeywell says system operators can use the power aggregated by VPPs to provide ancillary services.

“This new capability allows resource owners to maximize every renewable energy resource they have and ultimately make the most of their assets,” said Ujjwal Kumar, president & CEO, Honeywell Process Solutions. “As the energy landscape changes, so must our approach to delivering meaningful solutions to our customers. Honeywell’s VPP offering is one of the many ways we are driving change throughout the power sector and helping our customers meet their sustainability goals through a robust portfolio of ready-now solutions.”

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