Jason Kenney wants to avoid the mistakes made by a liberal Ontario government when it comes to subsidizing renewable energy by getting Alberta out of the power contract game.

But according to an expert, he’s talking about a problem that doesn’t really exist.

On Saturday, at the election readiness conference, Jason Kenney rattled off a few campaign platform hints to party faithful during a 40-minute speech.

He touched on how he wanted to rewrite the curriculum, that his party is interested in repealing the carbon tax and that a United Conservative Government wouldn’t be subsidizing wind or solar power.

“We have no intention of retroactively canceling good faith contracts,” Kenney told reporters on Sunday. “My commitment last night was for a future United Conservative government to no longer provide subsidies to uneconomic wind and solar power generation, because every additional kilowatt-hour of higher uneconomic wind and solar generated power raises the rates for Albertans.”

Warren Mabee, the director of the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, said compared to most wind and solar projects Alberta has managed to grab a cheap price for the energy.

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