Despite the lack of heat recently in Calgary, an Irish energy company is banking on a lot of sunshine to fuel a potential new solar energy farm.

DP Energy is proposing a 156-acre solar energy production facility within Calgary city limits. If approved, it would be the largest in Western Canada.

“We do have a number of small (solar) farms that are at the compost facilities and I think some of our landfills have a small array, but nothing of this size,” Ward 12 councillor Shane Keating said.

The company is eyeing a property in the Shepard industrial site off Barlow Trail S.E. which is currently owned by Viterra, which would lease the land to DP Energy.

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  1. 1500 panels (high efficiency) adds to maximum of 555 kW of capacity. For Western Canada, 156 acres would be enough for a maximum of 20 MW, thus definitely not the biggest solar farm as there are currently several ones in development with a much larger capacity than 20 MW.
    It’s a good opportunity to highlight that by it ma nature of an nfuwtry magazine, these type of statementes should be reviewed and corrected.

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