LG launches a new all-black “gapless” solar panel in the U.S. market—the LG NeON H+

Illinois — LG has launched the new LG NeON® H+ Black solar panel, it says its the first to employ the company’s gap-free technology.

The half-cut cells employ new wiring technology to increase resistance to external impact and thermal stress compared to a full cell module, while the elimination of gaps between cells results in a sleek, uniform design.

“With our new NeON H+ Black solar panel, homeowners now have an option that provides the LG standard of high efficiency and powerful energy output in a beautifully designed and built module with a uniform appearance,” said Brian Lynch, director of solar business development at LG Electronics USA. “Backed by LG’s 25-year limited product and performance warranty, this module gives confidence about exceptional performance and durability, while reducing a home’s energy footprint.”

LG NeON H+ Black solar panel is designed to generate an output of 405W from its 132 half-cut cells and can help meet a household’s power needs even in low-light conditions. Compared to other gapless solar panels on the market, NeON H+ Black is differentiated by the durability and efficiency offered by LG’s unique N-type half-cut cells.

LG NeON H+ Black panels come with a 25-year limited warranty for a performance level of 90.6 percent of initial performance even up to 25 years of continuous use.

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