Canadian Feds earmark millions to fund battery storage expansion across Nova Scotia

Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, announced an investment of nearly CAD 255 million to fund clean energy projects across the province of Nova Scotia.

Around CAD 130 million of the earmarked funding will go to Nova Scotia Power to install battery energy storage systems at four sites.

The government says the batteries will help provide power to homes and businesses and help with the shift off coal.

Some of the funding will go to building a more integrated clean energy grid in combination with the Atlantic Loop*.

“Today’s investments in clean energy projects in Nova Scotia will cut pollution and create good jobs,” Trudeau said. “When we power our homes and businesses with clean electricity, we deliver cleaner air and a better future for our kids and grandkids.”

Almost 75 percent of Nova Scotia’s electricity is currently generated from fossil fuels, including 47 percent from coal. The government says this funding will help the province achieve 80 percent renewable energy for its electricity needs by 2030.

The projects will be developed in partnership with First Nations and will create around 500 middle-class jobs across the province.

*The Atlantic Loop would expand the electrical grid connections between Quebec and New Brunswick and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to provide greater access to renewable electricity, like hydro from Quebec. (CBC)

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