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As the quest for efficient renewable energy solutions surges, solar panels continue to be a paramount choice for many Canadians looking to go solar.

In Canada, the market has seen a variety of solar panels, each with its unique offerings. Among them, SunPower’s Maxeon solar panels stand tall as the best overall due to their high efficiency rating of 22.8% and a robust 25-year product warranty, making them a reliable choice for long-term solar energy investments. On the flip side, while not exactly the least, REC Solar panels, although acknowledged for their high power output, don’t match the efficiency rating of SunPower, yet still offer a compelling option for those looking to maximize energy yield from their installations.


This diverse range of solar panels provides a rich spectrum of options for Canadians, catering to different needs and preferences in the transition towards solar energy.

But what is solar panel efficiency?

For this list, we define solar panel efficiency as the ability of a panel to convert sunlight into electricity, expressed as a percentage. Higher efficiency means more electricity is generated per square foot, beneficial in space-constrained areas. Although high-efficiency panels may cost more upfront, they offer greater savings over time due to higher energy production, making them a cost-effective solution in the long run. The advancements in solar technology over the years have led to higher efficiency solar panels. They allow homeowners and businesses to get the most out of their solar installations, especially in areas with limited space or lower solar irradiance. By choosing a high-efficiency solar panel, individuals can maximize the solar energy they harvest and the savings they accrue over time.

With this definition out of the way, lets do the rundown of the most efficient solar panels for the Canadian market as of Q4 2023:


SunPower Corporation

SunPower (Maxeon) has been rated as the best overall by Forbes, thanks to its exceptional efficiency. The Maxeon line of solar panels from SunPower boasts a maximum output efficiency rating of 22.8%, which is quite impressive. Forbes elaborates that these panels come with a temperature coefficient of -0.29% per degree Celsius, ensuring that there is minimal efficiency loss even in high-temperature conditions, making them suitable for the varied Canadian climate.

SunPower offers a robust product warranty of 25 years, and its products are available across all provinces in Canada. The company’s reputation for innovation and reliability makes it a top choice for solar enthusiasts in Canada.


Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Solar is another name that resonates well in the solar panel market, especially for warm climates.

In 2021, Panasonic made a big decision to contract its solar panel production to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Years later, the decision allowed the company to become an even better partner for installers and customers. Though known globally, Panasonic Solar panels are also a top contender in the Canadian market due to their high-efficiency ratings and reliable performance.

They are a favored choice among homeowners looking for quality and efficiency in solar energy generation.

q cells

Hanwha Qcells

Q CELLS is heralded as the most popular solar panel brand, offering a blend of efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

The company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, after being founded in 1999 in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany, where the company still has its engineering offices.

The brand’s range of solar panels is well-regarded in the industry, making them a go-to choice for many Canadians. The balance of cost and efficiency that Q CELLS provides makes it a popular name among solar panel buyers in Canada.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar Inc.

Canadian Solar, with its HiHero Series, is known for providing the best value.

The HiHero Series from Canadian Solar is lauded for its balance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making it among the top picks for those looking to make an economical yet efficient solar investment in Canada. These panels are suitable for the Canadian weather, providing a reliable solution for those looking to harness solar energy efficiently.

The company is publicly traded and aside from manufacturing solar PV modules, it also runs large scale solar projects.

rec solar

The Renewable Energy Corporation

REC Solar, tagged as the most powerful by Forbes, designs its solar panels to deliver high power output. The high efficiency and power output of REC Solar panels make them a preferred choice for individuals looking to maximize the energy yield from their solar installations in Canada.

The sturdy design and exceptional performance of REC Solar panels are well-suited for the diverse Canadian climate, ensuring that homeowners get the most out of their solar investments.

The solar panel industry continues to evolve, with manufacturers striving to enhance the efficiency and performance of solar panels.

For prospective solar adopters in Canada, the current market presents a plethora of high-quality options.

Besides efficiency, other crucial considerations include warranties, the availability of residential batteries, customer service, and price points when deciding on the best solar panels for one’s home. With solar tax credits and rebates readily available, and an ever-increasing number of companies vying for consumer attention, transitioning to solar energy in Canada is now easier and more rewarding than ever.

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Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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