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Ontario — The Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA), in a press release, applauds the Government of Nova Scotia for announcing the investment of $8 million in the SolarHomes program.

This program provides incentives for single-family homes to install solar PV systems.

“This investment will help to ensure that even more Nova Scotia families are able to benefit from solar net metering over the coming years,” said Nicholas Gall, CanREA’s Director, Ontario and Distributed Energy Resources.

There are now over 4,000 solar homes across Nova Scotia, and the industry supports hundreds of jobs in communities throughout the province.

“Solar power is poised to make an important contribution to achieving the Province’s target of 80% renewable electricity by 2030 while helping Nova Scotia households to manage their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprints,” said Gall.

This funding is part of a $37.3 million Green Fund investment, intended to help Nova Scotia reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and support the goals of its Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act.

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