Obama’s Clean Power Plan sets achievable standards to reduce CO2 emissions by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030

Hundreds of businesses including eBay, Nestle and General Mills have issued their support for Barack Obama’s clean power plan, billed as the strongest action ever on climate change by a US president.
[The Guardian / Adam Vaughan]

The final version of the Clean Power Plan, which aims to curb carbon emissions from power plants, was released on Monday. The long-term fate of the measure depends on its ability to withstand the inevitable legal challenges from states and industries opposed to it.
[Reuters / Lawrence Hurley]

The new rules, which are more strict than those proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in recent years, mark the most aggressive action taken by a president in American history to face the challenge of global warming.
[Mic / Zeeshan Aleem]

The political logic here is that, going into a round of international talks in Paris in November, the plan will signal the US is serious about cutting its own emissions, and inspire other countries to do the same.
[New York Magazine / Jonathan Chait]

Above image: US President Barack Obama at a solar power kiosk at the Power Africa Innovation Fair in Nairobi, Kenya, during his visit last week.
Credit: The Guardian

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