Powerlily is an app for clean energy enthusiasts to view, share and compare their PV system performance data.

Nova Scotia / pvbuzz media — Powerlily launches user-friendly solar sales software for residential and commercial solar installers.

This new tool promises to transform the solar industry by addressing the critical need for streamlined, efficient, customizable proposal generation.

Powerlily shifts from costly 3D designs and gives installers access to the four major imagery providers on the market. The software features a streamlined 2D design tool for quickly designing accurate, multivariate web quotes that can be customized, tracked, sent, and signed from one white-labelled company dashboard.

With Powerlily, installers can expedite their proposal generation process, ensuring precision and detail. This not only allows them to stay competitive in the dynamic residential solar market but also frees up their teams to focus on other crucial tasks.

“A solar company’s brand is their most valuable asset,” said Tom Rendle, Founder of Powerlily. “It’s essential to showcase this unique value in every proposal. Powerlily enables solar installers to differentiate themselves with customized, professional proposals representing their brand, streamlining the sales process and enhancing their impact.”

Powerlily stands out with its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for teams of all skill levels.

“We understand the importance of simplicity and affordability in empowering solar installers to succeed,” added Rendle. “With Powerlily, we’re not only providing a powerful tool but also ensuring that it remains accessible to all businesses, regardless of size and budget.”

Powerlily’s software is now available for use.

The startup invites you to visit their website and discover how it can transform your solar sales process.

About Powerlily:
Developed by a successful Canadian solar company in Nova Scotia, Powerlily focuses on speed, accuracy, brand impact and affordability, empowering businesses to streamline their sales process and drive business growth.

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