NABCEP says it’ll offer certification exams through live online proctoring due to pandemic

It's working with its testing partners to convert its exams to LOP.

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New York — NABCEP has announced that it’ll soon offer online certification exams due to concerns about the COVID-19 emergency and the need to reduce exposure to viral threats.

NABCEP has decided to offer all Board Certification and Associate level exams through live online proctoring (LOP), an internet-based form of assessment that allows you to take NABCEP exams from any location on your personal computer. You will soon be able to take NABCEP Board Certification and Associate credential exams from the comfort and safety of your own home.

In the face of the current global pandemic and increased risks associated with disease transmission, NABCEP is determined to meet the needs of current and aspiring renewable energy professionals by reducing the opportunity for disease transmission.

NABCEP is currently working with its testing partners, Scantron and Examity, to convert its exams to LOP. Live online proctoring provides teachers, schools, and students with the tools needed to access industry-validated certifications and credentials while preserving the integrity of NABCEP’s exams and its coveted Board Certifications in the renewable energy industry.

Live online proctoring of NABCEP’s exams reduces the costs associated with traveling to testing sites, which makes NABCEP’s exams more accessible to economically and geographically disadvantaged individuals, while also decreasing our collective carbon footprint.

NABCEP says it’ll release more information in the coming weeks when the exams are available for live online proctoring.

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