SunPower increases storage capacity of SunVault — its power backup system for residential applications

Says can use more electric appliances for longer during a blackout.

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California — SunPower announced that its battery storage system, SunVault™ Storage, now provides whole-home backup.

That its users can power more electric appliances for longer during a blackout.

SunPower says the product now comes with double the energy as previous iterations with 26 kWh and 52 kWh configurations.

Based on system size and design, SunVault customers can use backup energy during a grid outage to help keep indispensable appliances running, like refrigeration and HVAC, as well as power the things that make life easier and more comfortable like a washer/dryer, pool pump or electric vehicle charger.

As weather events like floods, hurricanes and wildfires put pressure on a weakening grid, blackouts are on the rise across the country. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) analysis, the length of time an average American goes without electricity doubled between 2013 and 2020.

“As power disruptions are becoming more commonplace, the demand for energy resilience and reliability is higher than ever,” said Nate Coleman, chief products officer at SunPower. “With the new SunVault, we are going beyond just the essentials. Customers can have the peace of mind that even if their grid service is disrupted, their lives don’t have to be.”

SunPower says all SunVault energy storage systems will come backed by a 10-year warranty, including 70% usable energy retention. This warranty update raises the standard for residential energy storage systems with no restriction on total energy throughput or the number of times customers can charge their battery.


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