Solar power forecasting involves knowledge of the Sun´s path, the atmosphere's condition, the scattering processes and the characteristics of a solar energy plant which utilizes the Sun's energy to create solar power. Solar photovoltaic systems transform solar energy into electric power.

SaskPower is encouraging residents to save money on their monthly power bills by installing solar panels on their homes. An update to the Net Metering Program will allow residents to generate up to 100 kilowatts of power for SaskPower in exchange for a monthly credit on their power bills.

Under the plan, SaskPower offers residents a one-time rebate equivalent to 20 percent of equipment and installation costs, up to $20,000 to pay for equipment and installation. Residents who wish to take part in the program will now have to sign a 10-year contract with the program, as opposed to the two-year contract that was previously required.

There are currently about 1,400 Net Metering customers in the province.

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