Schneider Electric acquires U.S. renewable energy marketplace EnergySage — plans to add HVAC, smart home devices

Massachusetts — EnergySage announced that Schneider Electric has purchased a controlling stake in the company.

EnergySage says the acquisition will provide resources to speed up its growth and product innovation.

In addition to rapidly growing its rooftop solar and community solar marketplace solutions for residential and commercial customers, EnergySage plans to build new solutions for high-efficiency HVAC, smart home devices, and other clean energy products and services and will scale its business globally.

Adding that the capital from Schneider Electric will support its growth and support millions more homeowners, renters, and commercial property owners in taking climate-friendly energy actions. That EnergySage will also have a bigger impact on its industry partners by helping them grow their business faster and more efficiently.

“This is an enormous milestone in EnergySage’s history and a huge testament to our team, platform, and all of our industry partners,” said Vikram Aggarwal, founder and CEO of EnergySage.

“The future of energy is decarbonized, decentralized and digital,” said Nadege Petit, Chief Innovation Officer at Schneider Electric. “We are excited to accelerate EnergySage’s growth and enable more energy consumers to make the transition to renewable energy”.

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