Silfab Solar expands module production with its latest, automated facility in Washington

Washington — Silfab Solar announced that solar modules are now being shipped from its latest U.S manufacturing facility in Burlington, Washington.

The facility is Silfab’s third in North America and features the latest solar manufacturing machinery, and is focused on producing the company’s Prime 370wt series.

Silfab says it launched the automated Burlington facility to meet ever-increasing North American demand for its solar module products. The company manufactures back-contact and mono PERC PV modules for the North American residential and commercial markets.

Since 2011, Silfab has recorded more than a dozen expansions of North American production capacity, including millions of dollars of additional investment to expand and upgrade Silfab’s Bellingham PV module assembly plant just 24 miles north of the new Burlington facility.

“Northwest Washington provides Silfab with a highly trained and motivated labor force, a location that incentivizes innovation, and ideal transportation and shipping routes that complement our just-in-time manufacturing model,” said Chief Executive Officer Paolo Maccario.

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